General Reference

The following reference information applies to both Boy Scouting in general and Troop 1351 activities.

What to bring to meetingsbook

Boy scouts should wear their Class A uniform to every Troop meeting unless otherwise instructed.  The “Boy Scout Handbook” should also be brought to every meeting.

Boy Scout 10 Essentials
Every Boy Scout should bring the following 10 essentials to every Troop meeting and every Boy Scout outdoor activity (additional 10 essentials description).

  1. Pocket knife (if scout has Totin‘ Chip)
  2. Personal First Aid kit
  3. Extra clothing
  4. Rain gear
  5. A flashlight
  6. Trail food
  7. Water
  8. Matches or other fire starting hardware (if Scout has Firem’n Chit)
  9. Sun protection (hat and/or sun screen)
  10. Trail map & compass

Troop 61 Camping Trip Personal Gear List

This is a Troop 1351 Camping Personal Gear List for a typical weekend camping trip. You should take your flashlight and rain gear in the car with on the trip down.  Personal gear is the last thing out of the car.  Class A should be work while going to/coming from the event.

Troop 61 planning resources

patrolBlank camp duty rosters and menu plans should be in the PL binder. If the PL needs more copies or if one is needed for a special project, you can get them here: T1351 Patrol Campout Cooking Duty Roster and T1351 Patrol Campout Menu Planner.


How to Wash Dishes While Camping-Nobody likes washing dishes when they’re camping. It can be an unpleasant chore and vexing challenge all at once. With no dishwasher, no sink, and limited water, it can be a real pain to do dishes while camping. Nevertheless, it has got to get done.

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