Adult Leaders

Boy led is what Boy Scouts is all about.  But even with excellent boy leaders, BSA & Troop 1351 still need adult help.  Below are some of the Adult Leader positions within the Troop.  If any of them interest you  or you just want to learn more, please contact the Scoutmaster Carlota Canari at Email:

Scoutmaster (SM)

The Scoutmaster is the adult responsible for working directly with the Scouts to help them create the program for the troop. The Scoutmaster trains boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching, and support.  In other words, the Scoutmaster is the adult leader that spends the most time with the boys helping them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.  The Scoutmaster will also lead the monthly Troop adult leader meeting and attend the monthly PLC.

Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs)

While there is only one Scoutmaster in the Troop 61, there are many ASMs.  An ASM is a uniformed adult who like the Scoutmaster works directly with the boys.  Like the SM, ASMs should complete appropriate training including Youth Protection Training.  There is no particular skill requirement to be an ASM, just interest in the scouting program and a willingness to help instruct the boys.  If you are interested in becoming a Scoutmaster, you should serve as an ASM first unless you have previous BSA adult leadership experience.

Committee Chair

The Troop Committee Chairperson a non-uniformed adult leader within the troop that interfaces with and is appointed by the Troop Chartering organization (VFW). While the Scoutmaster is the person that works most closely with the scouts, the Committee Chair is the person that works most closely with parents. The Chair will hold monthly parent meetings, ensure that adults are properly trained for their positions, and complete the annual rechartering process.

Troop Committee Members

The Troop Committee is comprised of non-uniformed adults who have an interest in assisting the Troop behind the scenes. While the role of Committee Members is important, they do not generally work directly with the boys. One important way the Committee Members work with the boys is in conducting the Board of Review (BoR). Committee members may be part of the BoR or help select parents to be members of a BoR.

Advancement Coordinator

The Troop Advancement Coordinator is an adult responsible for facilitating the advancement process.  He/She is the primary person responsible for maintaining the Troop advancement records in the Troopmaster software & Internet Advancement records.  The Advancement coordinator will work closely with the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair.

Non Uniformed Adults / Tour Leaders

There are other opportunities to help the Troop besides the above positions.  Parents can serve on a Board of Review, be a  Tour Leader or help troop file Tour Plans, become a Merit Badge Counselor, drive scouts to an event or activity, or help coordinate awards for a Court of Honor.  Speak to your Scoutmaster or any uniformed leader in the Troop if you are interested in helping

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