Adult Training Information


About adult training

Trained leaders help make Troop 1351 a success. We need adults who know how to keep our boys safe, focused and moving along the trail to becoming the best Scout that they can be. Many of our activities or outings cannot even happen without a number of properly trained adults available to supervise and guide our scouts.

If you have completed any training courses please let Cris Campbell (email: know so that you get the appropriate credit and recognition.

What training do you need? That depends upon your role and responsibilities within the troop. To start with, we hope that every parent or guardian will take Youth Protection Training. This will help you to understand how the Boy Scouts of America works to protect their youth membership, and allow you to help us keep Troop 1351 a safe and fun place for our boys.

Other leadership positions such as Unit Committee member or Assistant Scoutmaster require role-specific training. There are also supplemental classes on subjects such as weather hazards and swimming safety where trained adults are required for outings.

There are many opportunities for you to find a way that you can contribute to Troop 1351. More information about training can be found at hour council’s website

Where can you get training?

Some training is available only in a classroom, but many courses can be taken on-line. Training offered by our council can be found at the council website here. We’re also frequently made aware of training opportunities via the monthly roundtable meetings or in direct communications from the council. We’ll share this information with you at troop meetings and with our newsletters.

Much training is available for you to complete on-line. If you visit the national scouting website at you can create an account and take courses—including that all-important Youth Protection Training. Unlike most courses, Youth Protection Training must be repeated every two years.

Remember, when you complete any training, please let Cris Campbell (email: know about it. Send along a scan or screenshot of your completion certificate if you can.

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