You’re standing at the doorway to the most exciting adventures you can imagine. Step into the world of Boy Scouting, and you’ll hike along trails, canoe across misty lakes, and camp under the open sky. Smell fresh rain in the woods and fill your mouth with the taste of wild strawberries. At the end of a patrol hike, plunge into a cool mountain lake. Cook your meals over a camp stove. Travel the backcountry without leaving a trace and live well with only what you carry in your pockets and pack. Sound inviting? As a Boy Scout, you can do all this and more.

3Scouting is boy run, adult guided program. Boys are taught leadership skills and are given the opportunity to use those skills in a safe and friendly environment. The Scouts get to choose the activities and plan them accordingly. Be a part of the fun and adventure! Scouting provides an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness.

Besides camping, high adventure outings, fishing, snow camping, rock climbing and shooting sports there are over 135 merit badges that can be earned.

We meet Mondays at the VFW Hall at 930 Ward St.  If you are 11 to 17 years old and you want to have fun and high adventure then you are invited to come and join us in the fun of Scouting!

Snow Camping at Truckee

Some of the activities planned for this next year include; BBQs, Weekend Camping, Wilderness Hikes, Dutch Oven cooking, Rock Climbing and Repelling, Scout Summer Camps, Swim Parties, Sky High Trampolines, Archery, Shotgun and Rifle Shooting, Movie and Game Nights, Snow Camping, and more!!

Leadership Training is available for youths and adults through, Muir District classes, and the Mount Diablo Silverado Council classes.



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